How Prostate Cancer is treated in Guernsey.

If you are concerned that you might have prostate cancer, your Doctor will carry out a first examination and arrange for a blood test for PSA (the marker in the blood for prostate cancer) When the results are obtained he may refer you to a Specialist Urologist.

The Specialist Urologist at the Medical Specialists Group is Mr Owen Cole MBBS, FRCS. He will examine you further and arrange other tests. This consultation and all the tests are covered by the Specialist Health Insurance Scheme so are ‘free’ to the patient. The most important test is the Biopsy which can confirm there is cancer.

There are three Urology nurses who can be contacted direct by the patients and who can give valuable professional advice.

The General Hospital in Southampton is used for radiotherapy and some surgical procedures.

Financial support is available through Guernsey Cancer Support.

Travel for treatment in the UK is paid for by the Guernsey Social Security Department. More information is available from the Health Information Exchange.


For detailed information on Treatment go to the Websites listed below.

Treatment that can be carried out in Guernsey includes: watchful waiting, Biopsies, androgen therapy, radical prostatectomy and other surgery.


Treatment websites

Prostate Cancer Charity


Macmillan Cancer



Health Information Exchange Guernsey



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