AGM Minutes




Minutes of the Fifth Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Prostate Cancer Guernsey (“PCG”) held at La Villette Hotel, St. Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6QG on Monday, 20th March 2017 at 7:00 p.m. (the "Meeting").






David Mortimer

Catherine Murchie




Al Graham

John Prout

Geoff Duquemin




and nine members.





The Chairman declared the Meeting open and welcomed everyone.  The Chairman noted apologies that had been received.

The Chairman asked everyone for their thoughts and comments on the minutes of the EGM dated Tuesday, 12th April 2016; as there were no comments,  IT WAS AGREED to approve the EGM Minutes.


            The Chairman reported that the Committee wished to have their thanks noted to all for their continued support. The Chairman then drew everyone’s attention to the note that he had sent to all; and asked for their thoughts as to winding-up and funds held.

  • Ron Le Moignan, said that he was finding it difficult to understand things, he thought it was a good idea, although did not want to vote as he was always confused, but would appreciate it if we could thank everyone in some way.

  • Catherine, said that we could place an advert in the press advising of the winding up of PCG and the handover to MUG, with a thank you to everyone for their support over the years and our appreciation of the same; Everyone thought this was a good idea.

  • The Chairman, asked for a show of hands for winding-up; approximately nine members present, plus committee; everyone voted wind-up.

  • The Chairman, then asked for thoughts as to funds, once PCG outstanding sundries have been covered, £5k to Owen for the training of Pierre’s replacement and balance to MUG?

  • Robin Penna felt that the funds should be allocated solely to Owen for his distribution as this would mean that the funds were used for the benefit of Prostate Cancer sufferers, rather than handover to MUG.

  • Pierre Herve was asked for his thoughts, and said, he was sad that he was now retiring and PCG was changing, but was reassured that Owen, and his replacement Sara, and MUG were going to take PCG forward; it has been a privilege. As for funds he could not comment, but personally felt that any financial support to Sara would be of benefit and a great legacy for PCG. 

  • Gary Murchie said that he agreed.

  • The Chairman said that he would contact Owen, to clarify how best to ring fence the funds to be used for Sara’s training and prostate cancer; and whether the funds should be paid direct to MUG for this or HSSD/MSG.

The Treasurer asked for a resolution from those present, to permit the Executive Committee to hold a meeting to deal with the proper winding-up of PCG, handover to MUG and allocation of funds. By show of hands, this resolution was passed unanimously.  IT WAS AGREED that the Executive Committee would hold a meeting at which the following matters would be resolved:

  • determination of outstanding debts;

  • removal of PCG from the Charities Register at the Guernsey Registry;

  • removal of PCG from the Association of Guernsey Charities;

  • placement in the Guernsey Press of a notice advising of the winding-up of PCG;

  • removal/closure of PCG website – advising closure @ 30th April 2017;

  • transfer of remaining funds to Owen Cole/MUG, to be used in the further training of Sara De La Rue as Pierre Herve’s replacement as Nurse Specialist;

  • closure of bank account;

  • note from the Chairman to members; and

  • any other relevant matters.



The Chairman asked if there was any other business.   

·The Treasurer gave a brief report and update on accounts during 2016, and funds/donations that had been received. The Treasurer also asked that IT WAS NOTED Mike Hutchings had kindly, once again, carried out the audit.

·Robin Penna, asked what would happen to the books held by John Dempster for PCG.  There was a brief discussion and IT WAS AGREED to pass the books to Owen/Pierre’s replacement via Sally Dowinton. 


The Chairman thanked all for coming.  There being no further business and the chairman declared the Meeting closed.



David Mortimer - Chairman




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