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The Xmas Fayre at Beau Sejour  was held on 20th November   

Prostate Cancer Guernsey Stall.

      Main Hall  RHS




Prostate Cancer Guernsey (P.C.G.) featured a stall at the Xmas Fayre at Beau Sejour on the 20th November last.

This is an annual fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Guernsey, whose aim was to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to provide a discussion forum for sufferers and their partners and families.

The stall was organised by Sally Dowinton and she and PCG committee members, together other helpers, were there.






The Presentation below was held at the Villette Hotel on 6/9/2016

See below for an account of the Presentation.




The evening of Tuesday, 6th. September, saw the first meeting of PCG under the new meetings format, which was well attended.

The speaker was Wendy Corbin from Relate Guernsey, who led a lively discussion about relationships.

This was a very open discussion with participants being very candid about the effect which prostate cancer and the consequences of treatments have had on marital relationships.

It was particularly noteworthy that not only did wives and partners come to the meeting but that they did not feel inhibited from joining in. Their contribution was very welcome.

Aspects discussed included the difficulties which some men have in expressing their fears and feelings about changes forced upon relationships, the way in which relationships change to accommodate these changes and how important it is to talk about what these changes may entail with one's partner, perhaps in a way which has not happened before.

Communication is the key. 


We are most grateful to Wendy for her contribution, in creating an atmosphere in which such personal contributions could be made.


Afterwards, tea, coffee, wine and cake was available.


Feedback indicated that it was a very successful meeting. Providing support is one of the raisons d’être of Prostate Cancer Guernsey, bringing together people with at least one thing in common and demonstrating that, no matter how isolated one might feel, there are others with the same problems. 


Discussions are already underway about the next meeting and further details will be posted. Hopefully, even more members will attend.

Why not become a member and join us ?

David Mortimer    President




Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held 12th. April, 7.30 pm, in the Carol Hindes Room at Les Cotils.  Its main purposes was be to approve a new set of Rules and to elect a Secretary.

At the AGM held 17th. March, a motion was considered that PCG should be wound up as few new cancer sufferers attended the monthly meetings more than once or twice. 

It was agreed by the majority of those present that PCG  should continue, albeit in a different format.

The main change would be that monthly ‘drop-in meetings’ would cease. 

At the time of the AG M there were no volunteers for the post of Secretary, which is a pivotal role, the post has now been filled. 

The Committee has now revised the Rules governing PCG and has revised the Committee structure.

Those attending this EGM did approve these changes and also indulged in further discussion about the way forward for PCG.


Please see the Minutes of the EGM under the tab 'agm and egm'.







Special Announcement

appointment of Pierre Herve as clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

A unique opportunity of enabling men to receive early support and advice following a diagnosis of cancer became a reality in May 2014 following HSSD’s appointment of a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). The appointment has only been made possible as a result of the very generous support of Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) who are fully funding the post for a three year period.

Pierre Herve has been appointed to the post of CNS and his main role will be to act as a key worker for men diagnosed with a urological cancer i.e. prostate, bladder, renal and testicular cancers. Pierre’s main function will be based on providing a support service to men who have been given a diagnosis of cancer: Prostate cancer, in particular, has the highest incidence of all male cancers and increasingly is affecting men in their forty’s and fifty’s.


However, many more men are surviving cancer and live many years with the condition. Along with support from the various local charities like MUG and Prostate Cancer Guernsey, many men felt a need for receiving professional support and advice soon after diagnosis. Evidence has shown that with additional support and guidance, men are better able to decide on their course of treatment; this is either aimed at cure or slowing the progression of their cancer.


Thanks to Mr Owen Cole – Consultant Urological Surgeon, who has given his full support to the creation of the nursing post, and also to MUG’s tremendous fund raising efforts, the post has become a reality. Men who have been given a cancer diagnosis can now access immediate support, advice and the necessary information that will assist them on their cancer journey”


Pierre can be contacted on:

Princess Elizabeth Hospital:   Tel: 725241 ext: 4392.

Medical Specialists Group:     Tel: 238565 (caller to ask to be put through to PA to Mr O J Cole who can then contact Pierre Herve)

Through Prostrate Cancer Guernsey:  Tel:  246114  when John Dempster can arrange direct contact.




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