The Minutes of the Fourth AGM held on 17th March 2016 


followed by the Minutes of the EGM held on 12th April 2016



Minutes of the Fourth Annual General Meeting of Prostate Cancer Guernsey

Les Cotils, St Peter Port 7.30 p.m. Thursday, 17th March 2016


1. Apologies were received from Barry Depres, Mike Hutchings, Sally Dowinton, Ray Prevel,

2. The Minutes of the last meeting. These were approved.

3. The Chairman’s report

  • The following events were held between March 2015 and March 2016 :
  • Herm Trip 25th. April 2015. This was a fund-raising event organized by Sally Dowinton, to whom we are most grateful. It raised the sum of
  • On Wednesday, 27th. May, there was a talk by Myfanwy Datta about the influence of diet on prostate cancer
  • MUG Ambassador’s lunch 17th. August.
  • An evening meal for all members was held at Les Cotils on 10th. November 2015
  • Bladder scanner presentation 26th. February. This was a presentation orgainsed by Friends of The PEH, who purchased the scanner. Prostate Cancer Guernsey was represented by John Dempster and David Mortimer.


Drop-in meetings were held, as usual, on the 2nd. Tuesday of each month. For most there was a topic of discussion for the evening but on a couple of occasions a guest led the discussion. Notably

Relate, talking about maintaining relationships in the face of           adversity!

Roger Allsop, who spoke about advances in genomics and its         relationship to cancer.

We are grateful that Pierre Herve, the Urology Nurse Specialist, was able to attend so many of these meetings, providing much input.


Regrettably, one of our most stalwart members passed away in October of last year. Peter Wilson had lived with his cancer for many years and was a vocal supporter of PCG. At the last AGM, Peter strongly advocated the provision of a mobile bladder scanner for use by the Urology Nurse. We did agree to take this matter up and I am delighted to say that one was purchased for Pierre’s use, albeit by Friends of the PEH. However, PCG has agreed to provide funds for its service and maintenance for three years.

4. The Treasurer’s report. He presented his accounts which had been audited by Mike Hutchins. These were approved.

5. Subscriptions It was agreed that subscriptions should stay the same.

6. Elections:

Chairman – John Dempster asked the meeting to approve David Mortimer as the Chairman. This was approved nem con.

Vice Chairman  The current Vice Chairman, Mr Ron le Moignan stated he was not prepared to stand again due to ill health. The Chairman asked for nominations and Kathryn Murchie was put forward. There were no further nominations and Kathryn Murchie was appointed nem con.

Honorary Secretary – John Dempster stated that due to ill health he was not prepared to stand again. The Chairman asked for nominations and no-one was put forward. The resignation of John Dempster was accepted.

Honorary Treasurer – The Treasurer stated that he would prefer to stand down but would continue if no replacement could be found. The Chairman asked the meeting if anyone wished to come forward. No-one did. So it was agreed that the Treasurer would continue in office.

Two Committee Members Geoff Duquemin and Sally Dowinton were approved to continue

The Webmaster John Prout was also approved to continue

7. Any other business

            The Chairman stated that the Committee had been discussing whether Prostate Cancer Guernsey should be wound up and cease operation since it was felt that currently it was not achieving very much. He proposed that he would call another General Meeting in a month’s time to discuss this further and take action.

                        He then asked for any comments on this proposal.

     There was a general discussion which overall suggested that Prostate Cancer Guernsey should continue but in a reduced form – no ‘drop in’ meetings but three or four meetings with a speaker each year. This was supported strongly by Pierre Herve  and Diane Matthews who both felt that a user group played an important part in the care of men with prostate cancer and Prostate Cancer Guernsey should continue.


     The Chairman then asked  Diane Matthews MSc Health Promotion Officer Cancer Prevention to talk on “5 Ways to Wellbeing”:

      Briefly the 5 ways can be remembered using the word CLANG standing for: Connect, keep Learning, be Active, take Notice and Give:


     We should:

  1. Connect - with the people around us. With family, friends, people at work and neighbours. At home, work, school or in your local community. These are important relationships so invest time in developing them. Building these Connection will support you and keep you going every day.
  2. Learning – keep learning, try something new. Go back to an old interest. Sign up for that course. Set a challenge you enjoy achieving. Learning new things will make you more confident as well as being fun.
  3. Active - be active. Go for a walk or a run. Step outside. Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance. Exercising makes you feel good and improves your physical health too. Make sure you find an activity you enjoy and that suits your level of ability and fitness.
  4. Notice – take notice, Be Curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the changing seasons. Enjoy the moment, whether you are walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling. Thinking about your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you.
  5. Give – Do something nice for a friend or  a stranger. Thank someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community group. Look out as well as in. Seeing yourself, and your happiness, as linked to a wider community can be very rewarding and makes connections with the people around you.

She talked about these and gave us some cards then she ran a film with a Texan speaking very quickly who emphasised how these simple things can improve our ‘mood’


The Chairman thanked Diane for her talk and the fact that she had such limited time because the AGM ran on rather longer than expected.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming. 









Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of Prostate Cancer Guernsey (“PCG”) held at Les Cotils, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1UU on Tuesday, 12th April 2016 at 7:30 p.m. (the "Meeting").






David Mortimer

Catherine Murchie


Vice Chair


Al Graham

John Dempster

John Prout

Sally Dowinton

Geoff Duquemin










The Chairman declared the Meeting open and welcomed everyone.

The Chairman asked everyone for their thoughts and comments on the minutes of the AGM dated 17th March 2016.  After a brief discussion, noting a few minor amendments [first line Minutes of Fourth AGM (not third);  third line Ray Prevel was present; eight line the sum received from Sally to be added; and finally under point 6., amend Kathryn to Catherine], IT WAS AGREED to approve the AGM Minutes.

2.NEW ‘RULES FOR 2016’

            The Chairman explained to those present that following the AGM, the Committee had met to discuss how best to progress the comments and thoughts of those Members present at the AGM.  Such feedback was extremely important and helpful, in achieving the aims of PCG. The Chairman and the Committee felt that the best way forward would be to change the Rules.

            The rules set out by the founders of ‘Orchidians – Prostate Cancer Guernsey’ were noted, and the Chairman then asked everyone to look at the ‘New Rules’.  A general discussion followed: Terry James asked Ron Le Moignan, how many meetings had to be held?  Richard Keen queried the current order of primary objectives (a) and (b) and whether they should be swapped.  After a short discussion between Members IT WAS AGREED to approve the New Rules as drafted, and for John Prout to update PCG’s website accordingly. 


            The Chairman reported that the Committee wished to have their thanks noted to all for their continued support.  The Chairman then took this opportunity to ask those present for any further thoughts.

  • Roger Allsopp, Roger, felt that the group seemed to be missing something, but he did not know what, he also helps with the Pink Ladies there is such a difference between the two groups, the Pink Ladies events include partners, maybe we should do similar events; Roger, further suggested a symposium with different aspects of cancer being discussed, he said that he would speak to Katherine (who spoke last time) and Owen on behalf of PCG; Roger, then took the opportunity to ask for the continued support of PCG with an ongoing clinical trial.  HSSD are currently working closely with a team of researchers in Manchester, moving forward with precision medication and clinical trials, which would include local participation at the end of the end, so far the results were promising and proving of great interest and value to the researchers;
  • Pierre Herve, said that he could ask Sharon Tracy (from breast care) to give a talk as this may prove interesting as breast cancer is also a hormone type cancer, there are similar support groups and this may be not so embarrassing for the guys;  Pierre, also suggested keynote speakers from other prostate groups;
  • Sally, felt that it might be useful to ‘overlap’ with other charities, maybe share speakers;
  • Ron, thought by making advertising bolder, i.e. larger, colourful and better placed within the Press; and
  • Gary Murchie said that articles, radio, are a great way of getting the message out there.  He had taken part in an article for the GBG magazine, which had been well received.

The Chairman noted that there were many good ideas in the room and lots for the Committee to think about.

IT WAS AGREED that the Committee would incorporate these ideas where possible and progress. The Chairman said in summary, ‘we’ve all had experience of cancer in some way, the problem is making PCG interesting, reaching out to others, helping them and PCG Members and following-up with support’.           


The Chairman reported that it had been noted at the AGM and at previous meetings that John Dempster would like to retire as secretary. 

IT WAS NOTED that going forward the role of vice chair (would be removed), and Catherine stood down.  IT WAS FURTHER NOTED that Catherine was proposed by the Chairman, as secretary to replace John, and a unanimous vote was taken. 


The Chairman asked if there was any other business.   

·Catherine shared with those present some ideas: (i) a cap with the PCG logo; (ii) a pen with PCG logo and website details; (iii) mug with PCG logo; and (iv) a new business type card.   These were very well received, IT WAS AGREED Sally, would look into printing more.  Al, asked for receipt as PCG would reimburse Catherine for the cost incurred.

·Pierre said that it would be really helpful to have a leaflet, IT WAS AGREED that Catherine and Pierre would look at leaflets and report back to the Committee.  

·Catherine had been working with David on a new ‘Application for Membership Form’ IT WAS AGREED to approve this form, and for John to update the website accordingly. 

·Al, mentioned to those present that as we were changing name, Rules and Committee structure/members it was necessary to update PCG’s bank account details with NatWest, as such Al asked those present to approve, the forms which he had been given by the Bank, and to confirm the change of names on the signatories list, to David, Catherine, and Al, removing John’s name. Changing the account name to PCG and to further approve that there would be three signatories for this account, with any two signatories to sign on cheques/payments made IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY AGREED. 


The chairman thanked all for coming.

There being no further business and the chairman declared the Meeting closed.




David Mortimer
















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