PCG Membership

Notice regarding membership.

Should you be affected by Prostate Cancer as a sufferer, carer or supporter and would like to join PCG you can apply by downloading  and completing the form found under the ‘Contact Us’ tab and sending it to :-

Catherine Murchie  - Secretary
Seekings Farm

Ruette de Villocq.  Castel. GY5 7SA   

Phone 07781469111      

E-Mail  Catherine@pcg.org.gg


Membership of PCG is free but we do need to keep our lists up-to-date and we are in the process of doing that now. Please help us by sending an e-mail to david@pcg.org.gg with your name and address in the body of the message and putting “yes” in the subject line if you wish to continue being a member or “no” if you do not. E-mails will be sorted on this basis so please DO NOT put anything else in the subject line. We can pick up your e-mail address from the e-mail. Thank you.



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    20 March 2017
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